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This is a hugely ambitious project, with the potential to create a legacy for Irish writing that will outlive us all. For future generations, it provides the foundation upon which their own creative aspirations as young Irish writers can be securely based.

“From an early stage, we were struck not just by the ambition of this project, but by the vision of the two institutions to collaborate fully with each other in delivering a major literary museum for Dublin. Showcasing our literary history and creatively inspiring future generations is important, valuable work and a legacy for us all.”

Carmel Naughton, The Naughton Foundation

Our progress to date could not have been achieved without the extraordinary generosity of our donors and supporters.  It represents the kind of exciting vision that can be realised when philanthropy joins with public institutions to create new and vibrant endeavours.

UCD Foundation is continuing to reach out to a defined cohort of trusts and foundations, corporate supporters of the arts and private benefactors to secure the remaining funding commitments required.

For further information on how you could support the MoLI, please contact Jacqueline Mahon, UCD Foundation, at