Claire Louise Bennett’s Nighflowers


An exclusive limited edition MoLI imprint featuring the full text of Claire Louise Bennett’s current immersive exhibition at MoLI, Nightflowers.

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Step behind the curtain and into the restless, illusory world of Claire-Louise Bennett’s Nightflowers, an immersive new installation at MoLI created by the internationally acclaimed author of Pond and Checkout 19. Part noir-tinged memory palace, part luscious fever dream, Bennett’s text is performed movingly and intimately by the writer herself. Take a seat in this darkened, amniotic space, and let the words flow around you.

In this limited edition MoLI imprint, the text of Bennett’s exhibition is laid out in full. This pocket sized book is exclusive to MoLI and features saddle stitch binding.

Journeying deep into a haunted interior, Bennett’s Nightflowers is buzzing with vivid, unforgettable images, colours and aromas: baroque tableaus of oranges rotting in the street or candlelit tables filled with resplendent dishes, as well as more mundane flashes of daily life: an irritatingly flimsy shower screen, or cardboard boxes overflowing with unwanted travel brochures.

Bennett’s new commission is especially poignant against a backdrop of the precarious and traumatic reality of housing in contemporary Ireland: the protagonist obsesses on having and not having a home, while gently mocking the conventions of domestic space, and how our lives and interactions are shaped by the four walls around us. Barely containing a lingering promise of violence and destruction, the nocturnal haze of Nightflowers sparkles with Bennett’s arrow-sharp prose.

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