Dubliners 100


One hundred years after the publication of James Joyce’s classic collection of short stories, Dubliners 100 is an innovative and timely conversation about the collection. Editor Thomas Morris invited contemporary writers to write “cover versions” of their favourite Joyce classics as a tribute to the original Dubliners collection.

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Thomas Morris’s Dubliners 100 invites new and established Irish writers to create ‘cover versions’ of their favourite stories from James Joyce’s Dubliners.

Dubliners 100 is a timely conversation with Joyce’s classic short story collection one hundred years after its publication. It serves to bring together ambitious new writers, like Elske Rahill, with well-known voices, like Patrick McCabe, looking in, reacting to and reinterpreting Joyce. Dubliners 100 is a celebration, an invitation, a tribute, and a wonderful collection in itself.

Contributors: John Boyne, Sam Coll, Evelyn Conlon, Michèle Forbes, Andrew Fox, Oona Frawley, John Kelly, Eimear McBride, Patrick McCabe, Belinda McKeon, Mary Morrissy, Peter Murphy, Paul Murray, Elske Rahill, and Donal Ryan.

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