Let the Great World Spin


A sweeping and radical social novel, Colum McCann captures the spirit of America in a time of transition, extraordinary promise, and, in hindsight, heartbreaking innocence.

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In the dawning light of a late-summer morning, the people of lower Manhattan stand hushed, staring up in disbelief at the Twin Towers. It is August 1974, and a mysterious tightrope walker is running, dancing, leaping between the towers, suspended a quarter mile above the ground. In the streets below, a slew of ordinary lives become extraordinary in bestselling novelist Colum McCann’s stunningly intricate portrait of a city and its people.

Let the Great World Spin is the critically acclaimed author’s most ambitious novel yet: a dazzlingly rich vision of the pain, loveliness, mystery, and promise of New York City in the 1970s.

Set in New York, Let the Great World Spin is Colum McCann’s fifth novel and won several prestigious awards. Other titles include Dancer (2003) and TransAtlantic (2013). McCann has also published short stories and prose pieces.


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