Mr. Bloom’s Lemon Soap


A James Joyce inspired sweet lemon soap with hints of bergamot made by Dublin based Literary Lip Balms exclusively for MoLI.

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“Mr. Bloom raised a cake to his nostrils. Sweet lemony wax.

– I’ll take this one, he said. That makes three and a penny.

– Yes, sir, the chemist said. You can pay all together, sir, when you come back.”

Mr. Bloom’s Lemon Soap is made with 100% natural ingredients.  Infused with annatto seed to make a sunny, lemony yellow, these handmade soaps contain only essential oils for fragrance, a bright, beautiful blend of lemon, bergamot, may chang and cedarwood that smell just heavenly!

Vegan. Plastic-free. No artificial fragrance.

What’s not to love?

100g  |  Recommended Use Before: 18 MONTHS

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