What will be in MoLI?

Copy No.1,    Ulysses – James Joyce

Copy No.1, Ulysses – James Joyce

Visitors to MoLI will walk through the beautiful rooms of Newman House to arrive at cutting-edge, digital interactive exhibitions on Irish writing from medieval times to the present. Moving through the exhibitions, visitors will interact with the sound of Irish writing, see the work of James Joyce mapped onto the contemporary city through film and sculpture, and engage with some of the most exceptional items from the NLI’s collections, including Joyce’s Ulysses notebooks and his own ‘Copy No. 1’ of Ulysses.

Throughout this journey are diverse exhibits examining contemporary Irish writers, Irish writing in other cities, and the history of publishing in the Irish State. An ambitious temporary exhibition programme will see these exhibitions changing regularly, adapting to new developments and scholarship in the literary field, and travelling from MoLI to visit other locations around the world.

Partnerships with the National Library, UCD, other institutions and collectors will enable MoLI to present an ambitious exhibition programme. There will be a focus on individual writers and works from the past to the present as well as Irish folklore and intangible literary heritage through artefacts, sound, film, new technologies and digital media. At the core of our mission will be a desire to reconnect international and domestic visitors with a love of reading and writing.